Wednesday, 28 March 2012

PLANNING OUR WEDDING: Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Dresses (ideas)

I've got 4 adult bridesmaids and two flower girls and when it comes to dresses there are plenty of options which I am now in the process of whittling down.

In terms of bridesmaids I really like very simple very natural little dresses like this etsy number (by gillygray):

Source: via Gill on Pinterest

or this Monsoon one...
Source: via Gill on Pinterest

and I love love love these head bands - so adorable I think I might just have to incorporate them...
Source: via Gill on Pinterest

When it comes to my adult bridesmaids it gets bit trickier. The colour I really like is orange/coral, as it is really zesty and fun. As I say I like the highstreet as you can get good value for money and the advance of it being 2013 is that the same dresses won't be in the shops when our guests come to buy their outfits so it is unlikely for anyone to turn up wearing the same thing (I hope!).

We all really fell for this Antropologie dress:

But unfortunately they decided to discontinue it this week! Such a shame as it was such a flattering style. It was a little on the pricey side though at just shy of £130 per dress. Anyway, back to the drawing board...

I have found quite a variety of dresses which I like at Dorothy Perkins, and I quite like the idea of this as my married name will be Perkins too :). This is a very standard British highstreet brand but the prices are reasonable and the dress selection is surprisingly extensive...

I think this one is my favourite:

The other shop I have found a couple of options at is Miss Selfridge:

And finally (for now at least - I will add more if I find any more) I have seen a bunch of alternatives in Boden, a British Catalogue which is part of the same parent company as La Redoute and has equally as lovely clothes:
Source: via Gill on Pinterest
Source: via Gill on Pinterest
Source: via Gill on Pinterest
Source: via Gill on Pinterest

Update: 2 April 2012

I think I have now decided against patterns with other colours in as well as it will be quite hard to match with the rest of the day and the groom and usher suits. However I do like the the single colour pattern still in this Dorothy Perkins dress:

& also really like this Monsoon one which my lovely Marie found:

Source: via Gill on Pinterest

Other than that I've got a few more favourites, some found by Marie, some by my lovely friend Tuely and some found by me, all linked below....
Source: via Gill on Pinterest
Source: via Gill on Pinterest

oh and shoes....

Source: via Gill on Pinterest

I would love, as ever, to know your thoughts and get your recommendations on any alternative shops or catalogues. Ideally want to bring the dresses in at under £100 per dress.

I am continuing to collect ideas on Pinterest too if you want to see my latest finds.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Have a good Wednesday!

Monday, 26 March 2012

THE ART OF SHOPPING: Charity Shop Tea Glasses

Just had to post a picture of my new tea glasses which I found in the Age Concern charity shop on Woburn Sands highstreet at the weekend. Just so pretty and only a £1 a piece:

Perfect for my morning fresh ginger, lemon and honey, which is how I start every day :)