Wednesday, 6 April 2011


We just got our wallpaper put up last night for our feature headboard wall in the master bedroom:

This is the one we chose; Colours by B&Q Sienna Wallcovering Purple. I really like the purple flowers on it and the aubergine wall oposite but unfortunately the stone walls on each side just clash massively and will need to be repainted - joyful weekend ahead. Also now it is up I am not sure about the brown stems on the wallpaper. I'm just kicking myself for not planning enough! We planned so well with the living room, I think maybe because we bought the couches first so everything then had to go with them.

This very much a case of lesson learnt. Always try several samples for several walls in both paint and wallpaper before making any final decisions. New term today, learnt off my friend Toni, "that'll do, will not do" plan properly and fully and don't rush into things which are then too expensive and time consuming to fix if they all go wrong.

Anyway, now to look at the way forward, the wallpaper is fine and it is now too much of an expense to get redone. I'm happy with the aubergine wall oposite as I say so we just need to repaint the two side walls. I'm going to pop to Wickes at lunch and pick up some samples, then paint them on some paper/card in order to match the best one with the paper and aubergine. I will keep you posted...

Below are the colour options I am going to pick up:




Vintage Blush:

Wild Woods:


Right quick update time. Bought the paint samples at lunch, when I got home painted them on a piece of card and left them to dry whilst I went about painting all the woodwork white - which I must say has made a massive improvement on before.

I really like the vintage blush but think it's perhaps a bit to girlie for both of us so Calico is the colour of choice. Man I can't wait to get this all sorted out!

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Colours by B&Q Sienna Wallcovering Purple 10m

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Colours by B&Q Sienna Wallcovering Purple 10m

14 April 2011...

Must say - the decision to change the colour to Calico is definitely the right one, it makes such a difference to the whole look of the room and really does bring the tonal pallet all together, I'm very pleased with the result:

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Colours by B&Q Sienna Wallcovering Purple 10m

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