Monday, 4 February 2013

PLANNING OUR WEDDING: Stationery (final selection)

After much deliberation I finally decided to go with Daisy Design Shop's Mason Jar Stationery on Etsy run by the lovely Samantha:

I went for the file only option which she offers at excellent value, which is a great idea as it then doesn't matter at all that we are on the other side of the world to each other. I just loved her designs and I knew she was for me.

Samantha, I really must say has been an absolute God send, so accommodating, fantastic with advice, always happy to communicate and discuss and amend designs and saw it as a process. She genuinely does care about your custom design being perfect for you - and I am so grateful to her for that - it really is a special level of service which she provides and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to all.

Next challenge was were to get it all printed. I did look at a local printers, but for the quantity I wanted it just wasn't good value for money unfortunately. So I decided to look at VistaPrint who I knew were a massive international online printers and I knew their printing would be good value for money, but I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by their quality of customer service and their print quality too. Again, I would recommend them highly. The one tip  I have with using them, is to use their website to search out what you want but make sure you call them to order as you will get a much better deal, free items and they are up for bartering so do go for it!

   I would also say it is worth looking at their own invite designs as I was again surprised by how nice they were.

I did give Samantha a pretty extensive brief to work with and she really did create exactly what I was dreaming of and so much more:
I created this in word and then just saved it as a PDF using cute PDF creator before sending it to her. I included as much detail as possible along with images which I liked and colours.

Here is a photo of our save the date magnets and backing cards. I finished off the design by using one of the scrabble photos from our engagement shoot with Turner & Moss  . The one down side of getting them printed myself is that I had to individually, with the Stanley knife pictured, cut slots in each backing card to secure the magnet in, this did take forever but was worth it in the end.

Here is the final day invite stationery.

I changed to an American based wedding website in the end as I far preferred their templates called WeddingWindow; another lovely company with lovely and helpful customer service which again I would recommend.

Happy Planning!

PLANNING OUR WEDDING: Pinterest Planning

I tell you since starting to plan seriously I have found Pinterest to be by far the most useful and inspiring and free tool online! So so many ideas, so many different styles and tips and articles and photos and videos. I highly recommend signing up to anyone. I have just counted and I have 15 wedding related boards on there! - This may seem excessive but as I got into planning I realised how important it was to categorise:

You can find all my boards here