Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The previous owners decided to paint the dark 1950s brickwork a nasty bright red colour. We plan to paint this over with something a lot more tasteful in the summer, when the weather will hopefully stay dry. It is surprisingly hard to find paint inspiration for outside walls online. I think it isn't as popular thing to do in the UK as it is perhaps abroad. I have given up looking on the paint brand websites for now as unfortunately they don't seem to show images of the paint on exterior wall, they only seem to list the colour as a block and a tin, which makes it very hard to imagine in situ. I am therefore going to start at the beginning and look for inspirational homes which I like the colours on and then try and match those colours with paints.

Here are some images of painted buildings which I like (most are of houses abroad but I'm looking at these predominately for the colour pallet):

I guess this really doesn't bring me much closer to a decision as I do like all of these colours equally. But at least it gives me a pallet of colours which I do like to try and find testers for so that we can make a proper decision in the summer.


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