Monday, 7 March 2011

FUTURE ROOMS: Back Ground Floor Extension

It is always worth keeping an eye on the property market in your area, both to keep an idea of localised pricing and to scope inspiration from other similar properties. I was on Rightmove the other day doing just this when I found a house of a similar era in our village which had put on a back extension similar to what we aspire to do in the next 10 yrs. It just goes to show what potential well built 1950s houses with big gardens have...

The floor plan for the downstairs (left in the above image) shows the original house up to the end line of the lounge and the family room with by folding doors to the garden.   

Though we want to do a kitchen diner across the back of our property rather than a family room this still shows a very good example of what is possible.

Here is their gorgeous extension:

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