Wednesday, 28 November 2012

BEDROOM: Lamp upgrade

From this:

To this:

Nightmare accidental deletion from stupidly set up phone! - Warning!

FYI - I use a Samsung Galaxy S2 and had to take the phone back to factory settings and delete everything in order to solve a battery life problem I was having. I, as part of this went into my gallery, on my phone and deleted all photos stored there so I could start a fresh. Little did I know that this would delete, and irreversibly!, all my Google picasa online albums, because it syncs with my Google account! This is where all my blog photos for both my blogs were stored and sourced from! And basically means that I am now going to have to individually re-upload all photos for both my blogs :(

This will take forever, but at least I have all these photos stored on my PC, but I will work through this when I can, best I can to try and reinstate each photo in turn. Please bare with me and please heed my warning, do not make the same mistake as me.

I have now gone through my Google account settings on my phone and un-ticked the box which states "sync with Google picasa" - in the phone it does not (STUPIDLY) separate your photos taken on your phone from the ones on your picasa online photo album - something that really should be addressed (@Samsung). Anyway, what's done is done, rant over on both blogs :) I just wanted to give an explanation as to why all my blog photos have disappeared.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vacuum Pack Delight!

My names Gill and I'm a storage geek - I get a little unnaturally excited with clever storage solutions, I also have a love for beautiful things stored cleverly and beautifully. I finally decided recently it was time to sort out my spare linen and garden cushions by investing in vacuum packs, they really are fantastic. Please bear with me whilst I go through my before and afters, you'll either get it or find me very sad but the whole experience most certainly put a smile on my face.

... The best £16 I ever spent and still have several left over. (

Painting the outside of the house: Progress....

We literally started this yrs ago now and I'm still plodding through this task wall by wall. I have a few walls left, the back of the back extension and the wall with the kitchen window on it, the whole of the front of the house does have one coat of paint though and it has completely transformed it, as you can see from the photos below. This does make me strive on, you can see this little side wall section which I completed the other weekend and it is true that every section completed does give me a real sense of satisfaction. I don't know if the weather will allow me to carry on over the winter months but I will continue as much as possible and post when I do.



Latest section to be painted.....