Sunday, 15 July 2012

BATHROOM: Light pull (little things which make a big difference)

Ever since I saw these light pulls in my friend Christina's house I knew I wanted them. They really are so very pretty and you can pick them up for under a tenner.... well worth it in my option, I love little things like this that make a real difference to the room:


Mixing beautiful flowers from our garden with some bargain flowers from the Co-op

Again I did this in May but have only just re-found the photos. I placed them in a broken teapot - which makes a very pretty vase and a standard glass vase from Tesco. The Peonies and Poppies are from our garden - the rest are from the Co-op.... 

This is my favourite photo.

Progress on painting the fence (front and back)

This is old progress now as it hasn't stopped raining for the past month and a half but I just found the photos so thought I would share...