Monday, 7 March 2011

LIVING ROOM: Art options

Last time I posted on this I thought that I definately wanted go for a painting option. I have since seen an amazing piece of metal art in a restaurant which I much prefer:

.... so now I'm on the hunt for something similar in the shops. Let me know if you find anything before I do.....

Search for shop bought version begins:

I was actually quite surprised at how many options there are online at very reasonable prices. Please see below:
This tree, called Leaf Spray Metal Wall Art on the website, is a very nice option from Dunelm Mill @ just £16.99 for dimensions: 64cm x 76cm (26" x 30")

This Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Metalic Disc Branches" is from a lovely little website called Garden Ornaments & Accessories which I haven't come across before but seems to have a lot of different options on it. This one, which I particularly like how it reflects the light comes in @ £29.99 for dimensions: 32" (81.5cm) Wide 22" (56cm) High

 I like the shades of the metal on this Abstract Panel Metal Wall Art from Artisanti Elegant Living which comes in @ £30.00 for dimensions:  81.5 x 2.5 x 63.5cm, but I worry about the shapes looking too straight and masculine.

This Sculpture BUBBLES IN A BRANCH is another nice option from Garden Ornaments & Accessories @ £32.99 for dimensions: 28"(71cm)high 28"(71cm)wide

This Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Lighter Coloured Bubbles In A Branch" is very similar but just a slightly different formation and comes in @ £32.99 for dimensions: 33"(83cm)high  31"(78cm)wide. For me though both of these are a little to feminine.

This Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Pac-Man Abstract" from the same website is quite playful and fun, I like it very much and it comes in @ £34.99 for dimensions: 20.5" (52cm) Diameter

 I rather like this Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Autumn Tree Scene" @ £36.99 for dimensions: 31"(79cm)  x  20"(51cm) 

This Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Retro Circle Maze" is not actually that dissimilar to the one which I saw in the restaurant @ £36.99 for dimensions: 21" (53.5cm) High
33" (84cm) Wide

Which is your favourite to go above this couch.....

I currently think it is between the first one and the second one but I'm swaying towards the first one.... x

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