Monday, 7 March 2011

MASTER BEDROOM: Complete change of Layout!

We've had a very productive weekend...

I had already arranged for our electrician to come to sort out our bedroom electrics to go from 1 single plug socket for the entire room (hello 1950!) to 2 doubles each side of the bed + a double where there already was one + another double where I wanted the dressing table + two bedside wall lamps.  When he arrived we started measuring up as per the proposed floor plan which I had put together and we realised if I wanted to put in my dream IKEA PAX wardrobe then there just wouldn't be enough space:

So it was time for a rethink...

(to be honest, we had put the bed where it was in the plan above for no other reason than this was where the previous owners had put it, jusy goes yo show that you should always always think outside of the box and consider all of your options before making a decision - I urge you to always do this - I have certainly learnt my lesson on this one)

We talked through different options for quite some time and came to the conclusion that the best headboard wall is the one with the fitted wardrobes on in the plan above. Here is my new floor plan (by no means to scale but just gives you an idea of the change around):

Can't believe that we never thought of this option before. By having floor space at the end of the bed like this it makes the room feel so so much bigger! 

We finished stripping back the grotty cheap laminate floor & took great delight in burning it on the bonfire. I've clean up and thoroughly hoovered the wooden floor underneath which is a really pretty pine, needs sanding when we get the chance but is liveable until then and far better than the fake wood laminate!

Headboard wall is going to have this lovely Colours by B&Q Sienna Wallcovering Purple
wallpaper from B&Q;

and the oposite wall  will be painted in this gorgeous Aubergine paint from Wickes:
...and a neutral colour - yet to be decided will go on the other too walls. I feel so excited about sorting this bedroom again! x

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