Wednesday, 23 February 2011

MASTER BEDROOM: Proposed Floor Plan

OK - so here is my proposed layout for our Master Bedroom:

It will probably take us some time to complete the whole thing but it's always good to start with the overall goal. We want to get pretty much done by the end of 2011. I have put approximate measurements of all the ideal furniture on here and I will use it as I start to purchase furniture. I would like to update the bed at some point but we will see how I get on - I have a stunning bed in mind though it costs over £700 so is very much a pipe dream at the moment. I'm hoping to source all furniture second hand and good quality wood. Other than the fitted wardrobe which will more than likely come from IKEA when the budget allows it. We currently have bedside tables and lamps from our old house...

...which I think are too big so I will be looking for more narrow solutions. Will keep you posted of all our progress. So far the wallpaper is all stripped. Next job is sorting out the electrics as we currently only have a single plug socket for the whole room! I want to get a double one on each side of the bed and another double one over where I want the dressing table.

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