Friday, 4 February 2011

Thought of the day....

As this doing up our house thing continues, and I do more research into each room, it is dawning on me more and more how gradual this process really is. It really is worth looking at spaces not just full rooms and enjoying the process of finding, and if necessary doing up, each piece of furniture. It may take a long time to complete, what might seem to the outside world, such small projects but there is such a massive sense of achievement when you do. And you know you did it, with your own hands. You made that bit of your home that much nicer and you didn't, hopefully, spend an arm and a leg achieving this.

I was very set on a linen cabinet and matching dressing table to put in our master bedroom from Ikea and maybe if money and space wasn't an issue then I would just dive in and get them, but to be honest, if I were in that situation, I bet our house would end up looking far more boring. I have so far measured the space for just the dressing table in the room and I do think it is just a bit too big for the space, which made me start to look at alternatives and the internet is literally filled with a million of them. I always end up coming back to faithful eBay and vintage and second hand shops. And you know what, when I do get my bonus through at the end of Feb, I hope its a decent amount but whatever it ends up being I'm going to hunt out practical beautiful bedroom furniture with a bit of personality, maybe not all matching but items which I will treasure. I will keep you posted....


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