Saturday, 22 January 2011

BACK ROOM: Progress...

Getting the second hand kitchen delivered the other week forced us to finally organise the back room a bit more.
When we came to it we could barely get to the back patio door (the only route out to the garden from the house) for old pieces of wood and old cupboards:

.... and these are photos taken back in October before it even got too bad so you can only imagine how it got before the clear out!

We were never aiming for perfect, we can't in this house right now as there is always far too much to do. But we really did manage to reorganise the place and fit in a lot more as a result.

I unpacked a lot of the kitchen items when I did the pantry the other week. We then reorganised the space which was left and slotted the 2nd hand kitchen in the middle of that space.

We then cleared all the boxes, wood and broken cupboards into to be kept (which we put in the loft) and to get rid of....
which we put in the garden, lit the fire and over about 4 hrs burnt the whole lot!

So satisfying though.... and the room is far more usable as a result! 

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