Thursday, 6 January 2011

DECORATIVE IDEAS: Beautiful ideas for January 2011

Love this idea for shelving from Ideal Home Magazine:

Make a feature out of living room storage by adding floating shelves into a wasted alcove space. Not running the shelves across the full length of the alcove stops the space from feeling cluttered and gives taller items more room.
Shop for the look: Homebase, Graham & Brown

Spring look shelving, again featured in Ideal Home Magazine:
Create handy display storage as well as an interesting feature wall by building floor-to-ceiling box shelving and decorating the insides of some of the cubbyholes with a patterned wallpaper. Select three wallpapers of similar tones and display pretty items in the papered shelves to distract from the less pretty things in the plain boxes.
Shop for the look: Jali, Ikea, Next

River Cottage Bedroom from Grits & Glamour blog:

Living room from same blog:

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