Tuesday, 11 January 2011

KITCHEN: Makeover (hopefully) on the cheap

We are very fortunate that my Mum's cousins are ripping out their 20 yr old kitchen and have offered to give it to us and all we have to pay is the shipping cost!

The kitchen in our house is the cheapest of the cheap from the 1980s and has years of set in grime which I'm not sure that we'd ever get out.

The ones we're getting from my Mum's cousins are solid wood doors and nice and tall so offer lots of storage (I will post photos in due course).

I was wondering what look to go for with these cabinets, but I really think that we will be able to use them to their full potential if we sort out the walls and tiles and change the handles on the cabinets, and hopefully get some new work top too, which fits,  we will be able to get a look very similar to the following:

Cottage kitchen

Wooden cabinets with gothic-style doors are the perfect choice for a country kitchen. Choose a wooden worktop and stone flooring to continue the theme and opt for white-painted shelving to display crockery and ornaments.
Shop for the look: Plain EnglishThe Cotswolds Company
June 2009 - Quoted from Ideal Home Magazine Website.

Which I have to say I am completely in love with! Project for 2011 I think.

If we manage to do the Master Bedroom, Kitchen and Dining room in 2011 - I think we would have done very well indeed :D

Here are photos of the kitchen which my Mum's cousin is giving us:

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