Sunday, 2 January 2011


I have recently become the very proud owner of my Grandma Jo's original sewing box. It really is a complete treasure trove of so many buttons, pieces of material, zips, silks, needles, pins and much much more, most of which have been taken out of old items of clothing, which just makes the all the more fascinating. 
I decided in sorting it all out the best place to begins was with buttons. I had previously also inherited my Great Grandma's button box as well. To make both sets into the most usable section I decided to categorise them into colours and then have a small box of ones which particularly appeal to me too. Such a fun project and so fascinating to ask every button really could tell a story. 

Once I sorted all the buttons into their colours the colours which I had lots of I put in old empty jam jars and the ones which I only had a few of I put in the mini resealable bags which most of the buttons were then it. I then delighted in labelling using my new Cath Kidston Sticker Book which my lovely friend Katie had very kindly got me for Christmas.

This really is an item which I recommend every household having. There is such a variety of beautiful stickers of all shapes and sizes to label and wrap to your hearts content!
Please find below my photos of this little home project:

The stunning little box which I found at the bottom of my Grandma Jo's sewing box which I decided to commandeer as my very own button box of my favourite buttons

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