Sunday, 16 January 2011

HOME PROJECTS: Drawstring storage bags

This is the story of how I made these old tea towels into two lovely draw string bags to store Tupperware in my new Pantry.... 

1.Take two tea towels of a similar size....

2. Pin a hem at the top of each with two open ends (entry and exit points for your ribbons) and stitch along using a basic running stitch 
3. Once you have done this to both your tea towels pin both towels together on the three un-stitched sides with the hems facing outwards on both sides
4. Stitch round the three remaining sides, again using the basic running stitch
5. Turn your bag the right way out and then measure a length of ribbon so it is just long enough to go round both hems and out again
6. Attach a large safety pin to one end of the ribbon and use this to feed the ribbon through both hems, then remove the safety pin and tie a knot with both ends of ribbon
7. Attach a parcel tag labelling what is going to be inside and pull the draw string to finish
Voilà - perfect recycled storage solution!

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