Friday, 7 January 2011

LIVINGROOM: Lighting options for the main light

We currently have this one:

So things can only get better......

I really like the white structural shades on the market at the moment like this IKEA one Knappa one which is quickly becoming a classic:

....and very good value also at just £13.31

Also really like this Habitat one:
Aperture@ £80.00

Just found a standard pattern one on the John Lewis website which could work really well too:
Jocelyn Warner Flora Lampshade, Slate @ £85

11" Ivy Leaf Faux Suede Lampshade / Pendant / Table from eBay @ £11.99

March 2011

I have finally found a shade which I just and was excellent value from TK Maxx @ £16.00. It also fits with the Morocan lamps which I was looking at at one point as it is oval in a brown metal with lots of little holes so it should let off a really pretty light. I also bought a standard light fitting yesterday from a little hardware store in the village where I work for around £7 so all in all I have brought in the cost at under £23.00 total which I don't think is bad at all.

(photo to follow)

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