Saturday, 22 January 2011

MASTER BEDROOM: Furniture Inspiration

I'm just going to do a scrapbook here of bedroom furniture which I have seen and really like to use as an inspiration base for what I end up buying....

Linen Cabinets:

Linen cabinets are a great way to display and organise clothes which can be folded and will give your bedroom a real French/ Shabby Chic look. Remember it is always worth thinking outside of the box, if you can't afford a linen cabinet an alternative could be an 2nd hand display cabinet, they may be slightly smaller but usually work out far better value...

Edland Linen Cabinet from IKEA @ £305.36

Schreiber Linen Glass Front Cabinet from Argos @ £224.99


Dressing Tables:

Again, like the linen cabinet, a dressing table doesn't have to be purpose built, the best thing to do is to collect images of tables that you like, as I have here and then if you cannot afford them look at other tables, desks and cabinets which could work too...

Edland Dressing Table from IKEA @ £141.96

This is my ideal dressing table, if money wasn't an issue, which I have re-found in my scrapbook folder, it's from an M&S catalogue from at least 3 years ago and even then it was listed at £699 for the table & £149  for the stool, but still I love this classic style & really do think it is timeless.


At the moment we still have temporary canvas £30 wardrobes in our bedroom, but I do, and have since I've seen them loved these PAX wardrobes by IKEA. I love how well they utilise every inch of space to give the most storage possible in tight spaces. It's also great from the perspective of looking after the clothes you own as you can store everything in purpose designed storage - truly genius - well done IKEA!

one day, someday (hopefully not in the too distant future) I will live the organisational dream of an IKEA PAX wardrobe 

The other kind of wardrobe I really like is the traditional looking kind, please find examples below...
This one again is from the M&S catalogue from a few years. ago and was listed at £1199 then. Man I thought the IKEA stuff I liked was expensive - this certainly puts that in perspective, but it is beautiful
 Bedroom Accessories:
I love IKEA for their accessories, their pretty and practical storage is hard to beat for the price, here are some bits from my scrapbook which I like:


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