Thursday, 24 February 2011

MASTER BEDROOM: Narrow Bedside Cabinets

The cabinets which we currently own we brought from the old house. They're very nice, solid pine with three drawers and I definately intend to use them elsewhere but they are too wide for the space each side of our bed in our new master bedroom. I am temporary using a narrow cabinet which I also had from the old house on one side of the bed and it measures 35cm wide by 25cm deep so I know that that is the sort of size I am looking for, though it doesn't matter if its a bit deeper, as long as the width isn't much more. I was determind that I would not spend a lot on getting matching small bedside cabinets as they are far too small a piece of furniture to spend a fortune on. I couldn't believe at my first google search that a lot of the nice shabby chic bedside tables came out at around £150! Then I found a link on a forum and I think I may have just found my solution....

ASPELUND bedside table from IKEA. Simple, cheap and unfussy and looks lovely in a bedroom setting. I also like the shelf area for putting bedside books as that is always a storage issue.
Key features
- The door can be hung with the opening to the right or the left.
Assembled size
Width: 36 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Height: 63 cm

Price: £20.42


  1. I love the cabinet. I am in the process of painting a small cabinet, now I've seen yours I'm more motivated! Hope that I can do as good a job.
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  2. Thank you Christopher - so glad to have inspired - good luck with the cabinet, send some pics when you're done