Thursday, 17 March 2011

BEAUTIFUL PLACES: Tipis, Teepees & Yurts - Now this is my kind of camping!

I'm not someone who usually enjoys camping. I think I was put off by the trama of Guide Camp as a little girl but when I saw an image of these Yurts on the Visit Wales TV ad and I thought they looked amazing so I looked them up.

Now this is more like my kind of camping!

These images are from a very cool website and organisation called Tipis, Teepees and Yurts. These are the ones which actually featured on the Visit Wales advertising campaign and include in the price: two guests staying two nights, including a Reiki session each, twilight meditation, tickets for Centre for Alternative Technology and organic welcome hamper. 

I have emailed them to ask more details about the washing facilities so will post the details once I have them....

Here is their response:
...Thank you for your enquiry, you have your own private loo/shower area close to each tipi/yurt.  There is only cold running water (sorry very limited infrastructure) but we supply you with solar shower bags to warm the water if the sun is out or to add tepid water from the kettle to. We provide you with a big washing bowl which you can also fill with warm  water to wash in.

There is an exhilarating shower (cold water), a sink, and a compost separating toilet, (it is very clean and only your “stuff” also very non scary!)...

Not sure about the cold shower option myself..... might look into other sites with hot showers, though I do think that this would be fine if you were just planning to stay the one night....

The more I look into it the more I find similar schemes/ options elsewhere in Wales, here are some more cool looking options:

I love the look of these as they have been done out to look like actual Mongolian Yurts:

This company have two individually sited yurts, each beautifully decorated, comfortably furnished and equipped for 2 people and each with it`s own individual kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The final one which I have found and again love the concept of is the Yurt Farm ...
...which has  the coolest of websites and the concept is that you stay on and become part of their family farm for your holiday. One word - Lovely!  

Here are some more yurt/ alternative camping websites/blogs for you to puruse and get inspired with:

Glamping: Wales
Cold at night 
Go Glamping (love this website and it isn't just for Wales!)

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