Wednesday, 13 April 2011

BACK GARDEN: Progress and even our 1st BBQ of 2011!

Still can't believe we managed to have our first BBQ of 2011 in APRIL! It was absolutely glorious all weekend! It was like the middle of summer. And when the weather is like that I only appreciate even more how gorgeous our garden is, how much potential it has and how lucky we are.

We ended up using the disposable BBQ for ease of not having to sort out the other one but it really was lovely. We ate pesto chicken, couscous salad and flat bread - it was yummy.

We managed to get some oxygenating pond weed off some close family friends so hopefully the pond will soon be in a state ready for lilies and we can make it into a real feature. We want to get the mini waterfall working behind it again and Adam wants to arrange his bonsai collection around the rockery area by the waterfall too which will look just lovely. I also want to paint the back fence an olivey green and then have a clematis (which I already have) and passion flower, which I have always wanted, just because I am blown away by how nature can make something so beautiful trailing across.

The other major thing to tackle, in fact the first thing we want to tackle, is the pond safety as it is very deep and if we have young children around then we will have to be very careful with them.  Having looked into a few different options online, the one which we will more than likely go for is a picket fence. It's reasonably priced, attractive and does the job too, in the mean time, I have arranged all my patio pots round to create some sort of a barrier but to be honest think I might keep them there after the fence is put up to as they make a rather nice feature.

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