Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BATHROOM: Reorganising the bathroom cabinets + general progress

I'd really got to the point where the bathroom storage was so messy that I was re-buying things which we already had, very un-thrifty so it was time for a change!

Here's my bathroom cabinet before the organising:

And here it is after:

ah.... much better. Using Tupperware boxes from Tescos, some old shoe boxes and some more of the gorgeous, and oh so useful, Cath Kidston stickers which my friend Katie gave me this beautiful cabinet now looks as nice on the inside as it does on the outside.

I've also had a bit of a change around with my other bathroom cabinet as I now have a dressing table in our bedroom:

...though not yet complete this is where I intend to do my make up from now on so I could move all my make-up out of the bathroom wall cabinet and utilise that storage space better to put every day bathroom items away...

All in all the bathroom is really coming together as a nice and practical & beautiful space...

.... yes there are still many things to do and many future plans including:
  • sorting out the tiling round the bath so that it is water tight (1st priority)
  • replacing bath panel
  • replacing sink taps
  • getting the original enamel bath recoated
  • getting the original 1950s door acid dipped, or in other words stripped back to the gorgeous natural wood
  • installing a roman blind at the window
  • replacing floor with water tight option
  • maybe replastering and painting above the cladding (undecided on this one at the moment)
  • installing a velux roof window above the Edwardian cabinet in order to have a bath looking out over the countryside (they have this next door and it is truly lovely)
.... but as with the rest of our house it is a work in progress and we love each and every stage of it.

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