Tuesday, 12 April 2011

GARDEN: Lovely items (April 2011)

Some lovely ideas for those who are feeling a little green fingered in the month of April:

 How nice is this idea - taking something so ordinary and making it lovely!: HOSE CLOTHES from Etsy @ £15.11:

GROW recycled-wood sign from Etsy @ £23.93

Gardeners Scrub - 100% Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soap from Etsy @ £3.15 - Just love the vintage packaging on this.

Make your own recycled handmade pots with this Gardening Paper Pot Maker also from Etsy @ £15.74

This one is more garden theme than garden but so lovely I had to add it: Artichoke Thistle linen tea towel, Etsy again @ £15.11

 These White Garden Markers with Dark Green Stamp are excellent for any home growers out there, Etsy @ £13.85

Love this Eden Metal Watering Can (in purple) - so stylish and practical too... and not bad price @ £16.00 - now just to wait for this style to come back into stock...

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