Thursday, 15 September 2011

SHOPPING: Charity Shop Bargains (September 2011)

So I went to one of my favourite Charity Shops (opposite Tescos Kingston, Milton Keynes) yesterday lunchtime and found so many lovely treasures I just had to come and tell you about them:
This Gold Bowl is going to be perfect for making one of my Christmas Hampers this  Christmas and it only cost me £1!

Hand Shredder (£1!) - very happy with this for 2 reasons - 1. our last 2 electric shredder have both given up the ghost after a matter of months and I'm sick of wasting money replacing them at £30 a time and this will also give me great wadding to use for my Christmas hampers
Lovely Curtain Tie-backs, perfect perfect quality (£2!)
I have been eyeing up foil and film dispensers like this online for months, trying to justify the £20 to £30 cost and saying to myself it can wait till we have the new kitchen all in and fitted before making the investment - then, entirely by chance, I came across this one in the Charity shop yesterday for just £2!
Lovely traditional wooden fruit/salad bowl - is definitely going to come in handy at my birthday buffet in a couple of weeks - £1!
One of the most attractive and antique looking pasta spoons I have ever come across - £1!
I have been looking for a more antique looking cake slice for years now and I've finally found one I love - £1!
This is the more modern (by that I mean supermarket cutlery style) one I've had for many years - I think I will more than likely send this one to the charity shop now and replace it with the one above
This is an item I wasn't looking for but when I saw it I thought it was so clever I had to buy it. Its a window cleaning device with a sponge one side and a squidgy the other and a spray bottle in the handle to put window-line in - so clever - it remains to be seen how good it is at actually cleaning windows though.
Gold beaded chain for 50p - thought it would look good on the Christmas tree and any other celebrations before.

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