Sunday, 22 January 2012

ENGAGED to the love of my life 21.01.2012

It's been a very exciting week in our family. My second baby niece was born last Thursday and yesterday, I'm very excited to say, my gorgeous boyfriend of 10 years ask me to Marry Him and I said yes!

We are looking at Spring/ Early Summer 2013 to set the date and I don't mean to make PracticalBeautiful into a wedding blog but I will list some of the ideas and things I find on here as I find them during the planning process as I do believe it is good to share as many hints and tips as possible. I would love to hear any advice which you have about planning your perfect day - I am a complete novice who is incredibly excited and could do with all the help you can send my way! I hope to hear from you soon - a very excited Bride to be xxx


  1. I put up a post on weddings on Friday and another goes up this Friday! do follow me.

  2. Congratulations on getting engaged. Are you enjoying the planning process? Where are you up to? x