Sunday, 2 December 2012

Front Garden: Planting up some bargain plants

These were all bought from the Market on Bletchley Highstreet for 50p a pot! I never stop loving a good bargain!

 Upcycled Chimney pots, Planters from my lovely friend Katie who moved to China and gave me a bunch of stuff off her balcony, planted up with bulb (which hopefully will look stunning in spring) and winter flowering pansies which my Mum gave me & lovely Hydrangea from my mother-in-law-to-be Jacky (Birthday gift).

 Herbs planted in the ground, another lovely potted plant from Jacky and hedgehog house in its new location, I hope we get some visitors!
 Heather in the ground....
 Other flowers in the ground....
I love heather, it's so pretty but so hardy too and always reminds me of my Scottish Granddad who had his own heather bed in his garden which he always loved to show everybody.

Potted left overs to use as gifts, potted in some very pretty Charity shop pots.

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