Sunday, 5 June 2011


I was very lucky when I was a student in Northampton to have my picture drawn by a local artist Elke Pollard as I was interviewing her for a magazine article I was writing on Henry Bird (another local artist) for a local magazine R Magazine. She was such a warm and lovely person and always greeted you with a "darling, darling come in, I'll make you tea!" - I was very honoured that she was willing to draw me and at no cost as I was a completely broke student. I have been carrying round the drawing ever since, again from house to house, always with the intention of getting it framed and hanging it properly. This month I finally decided to get round to getting it framed properly. I had found a really good size frame in the charity shop and had done it up, but then I decided to get it mounted and framed properly, using my done up charity shop frame. This did end up costing me £28 to get done but it was so worth it as I am so please with the result... 
It really did deserve a proper frame, I am aware that portraits can look incredibly cheap and tacky and chavy if not framed properly. I honestly do this this framing just brings this image to life, it was definitely the right decision and definitely worth the cost.


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