Wednesday, 18 May 2011

HOME PROJECTS: Doing up a charity shop picture frame

I always keep my eye out for picture frames of a decent size in charity shops and at car boot sales. Always remember, it doesn't matter what colour they are, as you can always paint over that, focus on if the shape and the quality is there.

Here is the frame which I bought a month or so ago, and its been sitting in my hall waiting to be painted ever since. I have a rather large portrait of myself which a local Northampton artist once painted of me, during my university days, and I have been meaning frame it properly ever since. So when I saw this large frame (not far off A1 size I imagine) I jumped at the chance to buy it for just a couple of quid.

Here the frame was before I did anything with it....

 And here it is after...

What an improvement! This liquorish paint from Wickes, which I have multiple sample pots of, at only around 50p each, is fast becoming my favourite paint colour for DIY projects. I have used it to do up my 3 way mirror, my dressing table lamp, my dining room light fitting and now this frame. It is such a neat and timeless colour I think it has been perfect for all these jobs.

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