Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Exterior of the House: Rain Chain (what a gorgeous idea!)

I am signed up to Remodelaholic's email and I have just seen the most PracticalBeautiful idea from the States which I just had to post because it is just so lovely- Rain Chains!

Made of solid copper, you use them to replace as many of your drain pipes as you want create a natural water feature out of your normal rain water! Love it! There are many designs to pick from but I particulary like this design, Aged Square Cups Rain Chain, as the water just flows from one funnel to another.

Our Aged Square Cups rain chain is designed to embody both ruggedness in harmony with clean contemporary lines. This chain has been designed for superior water flow. As with all of our rain chains, it will develop a beautiful patina over time. All of our chains include a gutter attachment piece allowing it to be easily attached to your existing gutter system.

Material: 100% Copper

Length of chain: 8.5'   Cup dimensions: 4"H x 4.75"W

I'm not sure if they even ship to the UK and I doubt it will be a priority for many years to come but I just wanted to post it as I liked the idea so much. As and when I do put one in I think I would do it in the front corner of our house. I bet it makes a really pretty sound when it rains too.

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