Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I have wanted to get a new wooden front door to replace our rather nasty 1990s UPVC one. Hopefully we'll manage to realise this project this year so I thought it was about time I did some proper research about options.

A lot of people have told me that it will cost around £500.00 to replace and fit a front door so this is going to be the budget I'm going to aim for during my research, all in. 

I think most of the prices listed for the doors are without fittings or furniture, so I can see the price will add up quickly.

There seems to be a fairly good range of stores which do brand new wooden doors, but it is always worth looking at salvage yards and eBay too, as you might find a reclaimed gem! N.B. sometimes it is worth going for collection only options further a field in order to get a real bargain. Another advantage of buying on eBay is that the doors generally come with their glazing and furniture.

Even if I don't actually go for one of these specific doors, it is still a good exercise in narrowing down the style of door which I like.

I really like the idea of either a vintage look/reclaimed door, a country cottage door, or a stable door so below I am going to scrapbook options I find in each category as a starting point....

Vintage Look/ Reclaimed Door Options:

Downham Pitch Pine with Glass Pack by Best Doors @ £214.39

I like the Victorian style to this door but I think, in reality, I would be a little nervous of having that much glass in a front door, both for security and safety.

Savanna Triple Glazed Oak by Best Doors @£275.00 

Original wooden stained glass front door on eBay for collection only @ £75 starting bid

1928 Solid Wood Exterior Front Door on eBay for collection only from Cheshire @ £50.00
starting bid

I just adore the style of this door which is the main reason for posting this image as the collection location is unfortunately too far away to collect from

1930s External Door on eBay for collection only from Lincolnshire @ £50 starting bid

I am a great believer in thinking outside the box when it comes to bargains and this lot is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Listed by a local salvage yard in Buckinghamshire this eBay listing is for 7 possible external wooden doors, BUY IT NOW for £20 a piece on collection only! 
Got to say, with the above value doors I kept thinking 1980s and was stuggling to image them done up and fitted, but I just came across an image which has definitely changed my mind:
This just goes to show that with a bit of DIY and remodelling you can take even a 1980s style wooden door and make it lovely!

The Edinburgh from Doordeals @ £189.95

Country Cottage Door Options:

Estate Single Glazed Hardwood by Best Doors from £158.21 

Solid Wood / Wooden Front Door 32" x 80" Iron Furniture on eBay
for collection only from Sussex @ £0.99 starting bid

The Cottage Glazed from Doordeals @ £194.70

Stable Door Options:

Barnborough Hardwood Stable Door by
Real Oak Floors from £112.00

The 1 Light Stable Straight Top Stable Door from
Doordeals from £156.27

The 1 Light Stable Triple Glaze from Doordeals
from £225.45

The Oak Chancery Stable from Doordeals
from £319.25

Having gone through and researched all the doors which I thought I like the most I have come to the conclusion that the 1930s style is my favourite. And we both particularly like the black 1930s door from Cheshire the best. I think the next place we need to go is to some salvage yards to check out our best options on reclaimed doors. I will, of course, as ever, keep you posted of our progress...


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  2. Thank you so much - I do try and make them individual. I do hope that I will be able to have one of these gorgeous front doors one day :)