Sunday, 8 May 2011

BLOG ADVICE: How to add an email subscription box to your blog

I had such a nightmare working this one out so I want to write it down whilst I still remember how. Firstly want to say two things:

1. A massive thank you to my techy friend Liam who translated the blogger help into normal person English and worked through the steps of setting this up with me.

2. Blogger add a gadget really needs to delete the result when you type in "email subscription" into the search box, as I did and then joyfully added the gadget to both my blogs thinking that that was it only then to subscribe myself to check it was working and find out that I was actually getting emails from someone else's blog!

Now I've got that off my chest I will begin.....

Method for adding email subscription box to your blog:

  1. Go to Feedburner (by typing it into google - I can't give you a link unfortunately here as once you are set up it takes you somewhere different)
  2. Log in using your google log in (as google now owns both blog spot and feedburner)
  3. You should then get a page which looks very similar to the following:
 The difference in what you should see is that you shouldn't be able to see any feed titles listed yet as this is our next step.
In the "burn a feed" box pictured here type in your blog address and click next. eg. mine would be : or

5. Click next and your feed title should be then listed above as it is in the larger screenshot above here.
6. Click on your feed title:
and you will go to a new window which looks a bit like this:
 7. Select the
tab and again you will go to a new window which look s a bit like this:

 8. Click on Email Subscriptions from the left hand menu and you will get the following window:
9. Under the first box of HTML script (I have no idea about writing or reading this I have to say) you'll see there is a line which reads "use this widget in" and a selection box. This is where you want to select "blogger" and then click "GO!" and it will change the script slightly so it is usable on blogspot.
10. You will then get the following window:

Where you simply edit what blog you want it to appear on and the title of the box and then click "ADD WIDGET". These options are quite cleverly given so that you could put email subscriptions to multiple blogs on each blog.
11. Once you have clicked add widget you will go to your normal edit layout screen for your blog:
But you will now find that under your "Add a Gadget" you have a new box entitled "Subscribe via email" or whatever you chose to call it. You can drag it to your preferred location in the usual way but it will now appear on your blog looking (quite beautifully I have to say) like this:

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