Monday, 2 May 2011

GARDENS: Plants which I love which are already in the garden

Our plan with both the front & back garden is that we aren't really going to do anything major to it until we have seen it go through a full year, this is partly because of money and that our priority is definitely the house for the time being but it is also advisable in any case just so you can see how the garden grows throughout the seasons and what you like and what you don't from what the previous owners have planted. We have already had several nasty surprises, namely the Russian Vine (aka. "mile a minute") which was a nightmare to get rid of and a lot of gnomes, and plastic flowers, birds, and insects - nice! , but we also have had some pleasant surprises too and I am going to post every time I find something lovely along the way, here are my ones for this month.... (please comment if you know the names of any of these plants which I don't - I'd be really grateful to know what they are)

JUNE 2011
Foxgloves are one of my favourites, they are definitely on my list on plants to get more of. I just love how much bees love them too.

This ground covering plant has been spreading for a while now, but when I went out today (11/6/11) I realised it had come into a really pretty bloom (see enlarged photos below), but I have no idea what it is - anybody?

MAY 2011  

This is a lovely ground covering plant in one of our other flowerbeds. I would love to know what it is, if you have any ideas let me know??

I found out that these are called Peonies - I have never seen them before, they sprouted from no-where and they are absolutely stunning - think I may I have a new favourite!

We've just had this beautiful yellow English rose come out mid way down the garden and it smells just divine, her is one of its beautiful flowers... 

This stunning Clematis has come out behind our pond in full bloom in the last couple of weeks, it seems to trail all the way round and down round the shrubs on the other side of the pond too - brightening up the bushing with choice beautiful bright purple flowers... This one is definitely a keeper! 

In the last couple of weeks of May 2011 these Iris' suddenly came into bloom, the nearest thing I can find to them online is the Iris sibirica "White Swirl"

We also had 2 single Red Hot Pokers, also called Kniphofia, Torch lily, and Poker plant, come out at the same time.

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