Thursday, 19 May 2011


I have just been talking through front door options with a handy man I know and he's given be a basic budget to work to in order to fit the door for the best value:

Wooden Frame = £30.00

Door Furniture (including, hindges, letter box, and two locks, one yale and one chub) = £100.00 

Door (with glass, paint already done) = £100.00 

Fitting (including locks and furniture) = £150.00

This gives me a TOTAL OF = £380.00 

Now I have something to work to. My next job is to measure from brick work to brick work on the door frame and to go round some salvage yards. Thing to remember with wooden doors is I can go for one which is larger but not one which is smaller than the current door. I am determind that in the not to distant future we will have replaced our grotty UPVC door with something lovely like the one pictured below....

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