Saturday, 9 July 2011

EXTERIOR OF THE HOUSE: Our new light by the front door

After a fair amount of deliberation, we picked the light we both liked for by the front door. We decided to go with the final one from my list of research the Sedgewick Outdoor Wall Bracket Light. And after doing a bit more web research I found it at the cheapest I could from a lovely website called Light My Home:
  We then got our lovely local village electrician Rob, to fit it for us with a daylight sensor (the same one which is used in street lights) so that the light automatically turns on as it gets dark. I love this option, and personally think it is the best suited to us as we often come home in the dark having gone out in the light. He also very kindly fitted a switch just inside the door so that we can manually turn if off as and when we need to. So pleased with the result and I know it's going to look even better again once we update the front door. Light and fitting together came in at under £85. Here's a couple of pics of the finished result:

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