Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SHOPPING: Carboot Bargains (July 2011)

Just about got round to posting before the end of the month, even though these bargains were found right at the beginning - where has July gone!!

Anyway, here is my list of lovely carboot finds from Lidlington Carboot sale at the beginning of the month:

Lamp for using in the shed where we keep the tumble dryer + second freezer

2 gorgeous tea light holders

Set of 3 lovely, and very practical, fans

Two wooden picture frames - I always keep my eye out for these in charity shops and at car boots, they are so much cheaper there than in the shops and with a quick lick of paint they are perfect.

lovely selection of plants, which is what I actually went with the aim of buying

Including this lovely daisy like one

Geraniums - which I always love, and am bound to get more of through out the season as they remind me of holidays to Greece and my grandma Jo

Lupins - which I haven't tried before and they are still taking their time to settle in the beds and pots so I will let you know when I have a final conclusion

2 lovely fuchsias - which again never fail to impress..

Not bad considering I left the house with £15 cash :) - I love bargains!

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