Saturday, 7 April 2012

GARDEN: Fence Painting begins...

I have know since we've moved in that I have wanted to paint the fence, in a light willow green. See post from April last year. I had also worked out that Wilkinsons stock a very nice variety of paint at the best price I had seen.

This is the colour I like the best...

...and you cannot complain at £6.98 per litre.

I have now purchased and assembled a willow weave raised bed from Robert Dyas (mainly because it is currently on offer at under £15.00 each):

I am so impressed with it, I may well buy multiple ones to go round the pond, but for now this is what has spurred me on with the painting of the fence as the positioning which  I have chosen for it is directly in front of one of the fence panels leading from the house to the pond:

Today is the start of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, so it was time to stop faffing and start painting....

Here's how I got on....

Paint unpacked

Equipment ready

First fence to be tackled

First glance at the yummy colour

String tied across the paint can for wiping the brush throughout, this saves you lots of dried out paint wasted round the sides of your tin

Each time gave the fence a good brush down first with a hard brush

Wiping string in action

Painting begins....

Half way...

Panel complete - so much better!

Close up...

Closer up again, was glad to have managed to keep the fastening metal as I think it works as a good contrast 

Second second to be tackled

Second section complete!

Different angle

After the best part of 2 cans of paint and several hours of work I have now painted the most important parts which I wanted to achieve in order to set up our new raised veg bed.I have tasked Mr P with doing the rest ;) - night all.


  1. I LOVE that colour. How gorgeous is that? Mmmm....

    Now I'm thinking what I can paint in our garden!!


    1. Thank you Sarah, sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I'm supposed to get notifications when people post but I don't know if its working! I'm so happy with this colour and think it really does make a huge difference, still a lot of painting to do, though my lovely neighbour has painted her side of our front picket fence, bless her, which does help a lot. Hopefully the next month will be when the rain finally stops so that I can finish the job - also bought a front gate which needs fixing and some of the front posts need straightening. :) Always so much to do. Did you decide to paint anything in your garden in the end? xx