Saturday, 31 December 2011

DINING ROOM: The Big Reveal: From Their Room to Ours!

The time has come, the dining room is now finished! (other than one piece of art which is currently on its way to me from Australia and I will post when it arrives).

Here is what we started with when we bought the house....

 I didn't take all the angles until I stripped back the walls in August this year...

 And after months of work..... this is what we have achieved:

Another room done!

Lessons learnt along the way:
  • Always get Tony to Paint the Ceiling White at the same time as lining the walls, its a really tricky job to do and he is a professional
  • Don't try and finish any major components of a room the the same day as having a party, you will exhaust yourself and not enjoy the party as much as a result
  • Find one item to draw inspiration from in order to develop the rooms look; for me this was the wooden vase (pictured on top of Adam's bookcase) as it reminded me of Mediterranean Holidays and inspired the colour pallet for the whole room
  • It is worth doing up (and cleaning!) old light fittings rather than buying new ones, you can actually find a treasure 
  • If your Curtains are thin, try stitching another second-hand neutral pair to the back, just as effective as thick curtains but without the cost

Things still to do/get:
  • The floor through the dining room and kitchen need replacing as and when we can afford it, more than likely with a tile effect lino like this one from B&Q:

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