Tuesday, 20 December 2011

LIVING ROOM: Reinstalling the original solid wood and glass door - we found down the end of the garden!

We found the original door down the end of the garden and remarkably it was completely intact. So we got our lovely local handy man Mark to rehang it where it belongs and I have installed a new, more modern, handle in brushed nickle. I have painted it will white gloss paint - which to be honest has turned out to be a right royal pain in the you know what! - I am still struggling to get the finish perfect and I'm going to readdress it once Christmas is out of the way (I will update photos when I have). With the benefit of hindsight I wish I had a had the door dipped to take it to take it down to the solid wood beneath- I might eventually do this anyway. I imagine when I deal with the upstairs doors too, or maybe I will try and do it manually with paint stripper in the New Year, we'll see, I'll keep you posted. But in the mean time the door is back where it belongs, which is important, and had replaced the cheap door which had been installed there in it's place.

  Masked and ready for painting is as far as my photos go right now. I will update as soon as I have progressed and decided whether to strip it back or carry on trying to paint it.

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