Monday, 19 December 2011

KITCHEN: Re-think on what is possible

After several long conversations with various trades people and my other half it seems that the dream of using my Mum's cousins second hand kitchen to do up our kitchen super cheap would actually not be particularly cheap at all, and it actually isn't easily adaptable as it is from a time before adjustable feet and shelving. It took me a while to accept this as I was gutted at this conclusion and was ever hopeful that we would be able to continue the kitchen's story within the family, I'm sentimental like that. The silver lining is that it won't at least be wasted, it is going to make some very useful storage in our back room/ garage/ storage/ dog pee room! - Once we get round to putting it up in any case, which I'm sure will happen at some point in 2012.

Right back to plan B with our kitchen.... I am still keen to end up with a similar look to this: I still do love it so much and think that it really work in the space we have.

In terms of cabinets it actually does work out very decent value to go to IKEA. These are the ones which I like and think will fit best with the scheme at the best price:

So now it's just a case of saving up to buy the above in addition to the below:
To go with these things which we already have:

and this...

Source: via Gill on Pinterest

...which I just have bought as I fell for it completely...

Next update on the kitchen will be when we can finally afford to buy the things we need to make it a reality. But at least for now we do now have a plan!

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