Friday, 17 December 2010

DECORATIVE ITEMS: Beautiful Items (December 2010)

Just thought that I would add a few stunning home items which I have seen recently and fallen in love will. One day it would be nice to own them but for now I will just admire:

Marrakech Tyre Floor Lamp by Graham & Green 

£180.00 so for now I'm dreaming but I honestly can't imagine ever getting bored of this stunning lamp

Another gem from Graham & Green, bring some sunshine back into your life with 

this stunning, design classic, sunshine mirror: 


Sunburst Wall Mirror by Graham & Green

£245.00 for this one, I am determind to find a cheaper alternative 
I will keep you posted of my progress.

Stunning chest of draws from the wonderful

 Bourbon Comode by
Seemingly very good value at just £129.00 

Bring a bit of the orient to your home with this stunning cabinet from 
John Lewis:

John Lewis Chinese Collection Shari Painted Cabinet, Blue

Again pretty good value for £149.00 and they also do a cream and red version too.  

I love this Edland Range from IKEA, but these two are my 

favourite pieces and the pieces which I actually want 

in our house:

 Edland Linen Cabinet by IKEA

£299.00 currently in store - hoping this one will feature in the January sale!


Edland Dressing Table by IKEA  

I'm probably going to get this one first as it is a lot more reasonable at £139.00.

A little disapointingly there isn't officially a stool or mirror which goes with 

this dressing table but I found a dressing table mirror in need of a bit of 

upcycling at Age Concern in Milton Keynes (I will do a post once I've done it up) 

and I'm thinking 

I'm just going to go with one of the plain IKEA stool options out of the following:

....though I am torn on which one to go for the patterned one really appeals to me. Any thoughts? 


The perfect feature clock for a hallway or above a mantle piece from Graham & Green (who are quickly becoming a favourite interior shop):

Steeple Wall Clock by Graham & Green


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