Thursday, 30 December 2010

LIVING ROOM: Fireplace

This fireplace was the feature focus in the previous owners layout, and as it was placed at the centre of the room and we do have a chimney outside we made the presumption that we would be able to change this to a real fire (something I have always dreamed of) with relative ease. But this was not to be the case as the chimney on the property was not to service an open fire but a backburner (which I believe was some sort of old fashioned boiler) the chimney breast was therefore not situated in the middle of the room but right in the very corner. The fire was just an electric fire and had no connection to the chimney at all. Still I did manage to sell both the fire and matching mirror on eBay for a nice little profit and we have concluded that the dream of having a open fire will just have to wait till we can afford, and have room for a log burner in the future.


Possible log burner idea's for the future:

Aga Little Wenlock Classic SE Woodburning Stove @ £619.00 from Stoves are us, Fireplaces are us


Dovre 425CBW Wood Burning Stove @ £1035.00 also from Stoves are us, Fireplaces are us

This one seems remarkably better value than the others, and looks very nice indeed:

Firefox 5 Cleanburn Woodburning / Multi-fuel Stove  (£399.00)

This one is nice for something a bit different and a bit more modern, I also like that there is a place to store logs:

Amesti Nordic 350 Wood Burning Stove

But in any case it's more than likely going to be at least 10 years before we look into them for real. 

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