Thursday, 30 December 2010

LIVING ROOM: Sofas & TV upgrade

TV and Sofa upgrade.....

These two purchases ended up being the most important in defining the room..... as before we got them our TV was second hand and very cumbersome and our couch was single and a bit saggy round the edges - both items had been bought on a budget when we first moved in together and it was time to upgrade.

When we got to the sofa store I had a very clear idea of what I wanted but my other half hated both of my choices... well you live and learn... best to go into such a varied selection without a set idea of what you want and really think about each option. We found one which he liked the style of but I didn't like the pattern of as there were too many patterns on:

...even looking at it now I can't believe its the same sofa - and I wouldn't pick it from the above image either! But then the sales guy came over and said we could pick whatever selection we wanted from the pattern available and I was sold! So we picked the ones we both liked and we ordered them along with a cuddle couch to match:

We took these photos in the store both to make reference to whilst we were waiting for them to be shipped and partly because I don't think either one of us believed they would get the right colour combination. I am very happy to say that we were happily proven wrong on this.

TV was most definitely Adam's department and he did us proud with his choice as we went from this:
Which we only managed to get £10 for when we sold, even though it was in perfect working order for what it was (this is why technology is not my department - I just find it so sad how quickly items loose their value)
To this:

LG 47" delight! It is, honestly, amazing how quickly it feels normal to watch TV on a screen so big and the room can take it, so we are both very happy with the result!

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